Duromax XP 12,000 EH Generator

Model : XP12000EH
Engine Brand: Duromax
Engine Type :OHV Engine
Running Watts :
Starting Watts: 12,000
Outlet: 2 120V household GFCI outlets, 1 120V 30A twist lock outlet, 1 240V 30A outlet, and 1 240V 50A outlet
Sound Levels (dBA) : Yes
Fuel Type : gasoline or propane
Fuel Shut Off : Automatic
Fuel Tank Capacity : 8.3 gallon
Choke Type : Automatic
Covered Outlets : Yes
Overload Protection (circuit breaker) : Yes
Emissions : None
Canada CSA Compliant :None
Muffler : Quiet, Compact, Easy to use
Warranty : 2 years limited warranty
Length : 30 in.
Width: 29 in.
Height : 26 in.
Shipping Weight : 224 lb.


Best Suited For

This DuroMax generator model is suitable where you need portable power. You can use it as a backup generator in the case of an outage, natural disaster, or at a campsite.

It delivers power that you would typically expect from a standard home standby generator but in a portable package. You can rest assured, thanks to its 12,000 starting watts and 9,500-watt power output, that you’ll get reliable power to meet all your domestic power needs.

the Duromax xp12000eh generator hooked up to a gas bottle

Reasons To Buy

From this review, you can find many reasons that make the DuroMax XP12000EH 12,000 watt a worthy investment. These reasons include:

Ease Of Use

The XP12000EH 12,000 watt looks complex, thanks to its size and many features. But it’s quite easy to start and use. To get it running, switch over the power selector to your desired power type and then turn the engine switch key.

Powerful Engine

To ensure you have reliable power to keep your home running during an emergency, you need a reliable, powerful engine. This generator utilizes an 18HP 457CC engine with an Overhead Valve (OHV).

It boasts cast iron cylinder sleeves and steel bearings. These features point to a powerful and reliable generator.

Fuel Efficiency

We’ve seen that an 8.3-gallon fuel tank can give you about 10 hours of usage at 50% of the generator’s maximum load. You can rest easy knowing the XP12000EH will be powering your essential appliances uninterrupted through the night.

Excellent-Built Quality

When shopping for a portable generator, you want a well-built unit that can take a beating in any environment. Built from the best quality materials, under strict quality guidelines, the DuroMax XP12000EH is one such generator. The four-point rubber mountings that support the engine ensure smooth running and durability in any working conditions.

CARB Compliance

If you live in California, you must purchase a generator that meets the stringent California Air Resources Board (CARB) guidelines. But many generators, particularly the large ones, don’t meet those guidelines. The XP12000EH is 100% CARB-compliant, which makes it a great option in California.


Like all DuroMax generators, this model comes with a one-year commercial factory warranty and a three-year residential factory warranty. So in the case of any mechanical issues, you’re well-covered.

The company also usually offers a standard 30-day satisfaction guarantee on every product they sell. So you have the assurance that the product will serve you as promised.



Summing Up

The DuroMax XP12000EH is overall a powerful dual fuel portable generator ideal for those looking for reliable backup power for your appliances such as your home air conditioner, fridge and freezer, but don’t have the budget for a standard standby generator. This versatile generator is easy to use and delivers a massive amount of dependable power.

It comes with a variety of features to improve user experience and safety. It is also well-priced and offers excellent value for the money. This is not an inverter generator. The only major setback is that it can be loud on heavy loads. The DuroMax XP12000EH is a worthy buy.

Duromax XP 12,000 EH Generator


Portable Dual Fuel Electric Start Generator

  • Clean & Stable Power
  • Dual fuel technology
  • Low oil shut-off

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